Therapy is about a relationship between two people. You have come to therapy to get to know yourself and the person who exists underneath the suffering. Psychotherapy is less about curing and more about healing.  When we heal, we are invited to first bear witness to our pain so that we can move through it and meet our strengths. 

The way I practice therapy is by holding space for my clients through presence, empathy, and specialized listening to what you’re saying both verbally and nonverbally.  A hallmark of my practice is incorporating emotions and the body as a guide to where healing needs to take place.  

A lot of the time we deny our emotions or cover them up so as not to face them, which only prolongs our suffering and symptoms. I will gently challenge you to face these emotions, help you courageously encounter your truth and build up your self-compassion.

You won’t be judged here; Only guided toward where you want to be.  


Together we will identify your emotions, and locate them in the body to understand their natural pathways and identify their physical makeup.

I work to assist you in understanding your emotions, why you’re having them, and how to bring them into focus so that you can work with them and not against them. I believe it’s essential to know each emotion’s role in your life so that you can face experiences from a place of empowerment and make supportive decisions for yourself.

In session, I will gently challenge you to turn away from strategies that are keeping you stuck in a painful cycle such as unconsciously pushing others away to reduce emotional closeness, creating walls to keep others away, blaming others/yourself, rationalizing/intellectualizing, and projecting feelings onto others to ward off discomfort.

I will always provide you the space to process at your own pace.  I don’t push you to meet some arbitrary expectation, rather I help you move toward what you want and walk the path with you. 

my theoretical orientation 

I am an insight, depth-oriented therapist, in which dreams, defenses, and other expressions of the unconscious are explored for their meaning and dynamic value.  I delight in getting to know you, hear your story, and understand the parts that make you whole . I so look forward to co-creating change with you!