You work in the corporate world and appear to have a “good life” on paper, but underneath you struggle with anxiety, guilt, people pleasing and self-doubt.  You feel like you have no right to complain, since everything in your life looks fine, so you suffer in silence.  

When it comes to having a social life, you feel at odds.  On the one hand, you’d like to be more social and actually connect with people, but on the other hand you feel much more comfortable staying home where it’s safe and the pressure is off.  

You believe that people will only like you if you act a certain way and so you feel this enormous amount of pressure to “turn on the charm” at every event or interaction.   

What you’d really love is for your overanalyzing mind to turn off for like one minute and leave you alone! Self-acceptance feels like an impossibility and you often wonder if you’re doomed to feel this way forever. 

 Some part of you has learned to keep your needs down and be the caretaker of others and their feelings. My sense is that there has been a long history of neglecting yourself, which came about initially as an adaptive strategy to feel safe and in control. 

As an adult, you may be seeing how this default setting is no longer working for you, and you’re eager to learn new ways of relating to yourself and your experiences. 

It is my deepest hope that you find what you seek for yourself.   

I want you to know that the love and acceptance you seek can be found within you. I see my work with you as a collaborative effort at making sense of painful experiences, restoring your sense of autonomy, and welcoming all the parts of you that have been neglected or devalued. 

You always have a choice in therapy.  I actively seek to not impose my own agenda on you and to truly value where you want to go in this work.  You have new options available to you in how you can relate to others, to yourself, and in how you move forward in your life. 

Let's give some caring attention to you today.

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I'm so pleased you're here! As a therapist I truly strive to place great emphasis on your desires, needs, and wants in life.  I'd love for you to get to know me and learn about how I work in therapy!  Reach out if you have any questions.

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Online therapy is so delightful and I’m deeply honored to be able to provide this service to you!  I love talking about the benefits of online therapy, debunking myths, and sharing all of the great ways we can connect!

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